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Learn more about how to select pumps for your desired industial projects at more details
Open aniversary Industry Exhibition holding in Tehran during 89/8/14 to 89/8/17. For mor information please visit their more details

Petroland's products categorized into different sections and products cataloges and performance curves can be downloaded from this page.

Download Petroland's general cataloge 3.26 MB

Food Industries
Download Pumps ataloge for transerring food products 2.52 MB
Visit Petroland's official page for this products Click here

External Gear
Download External Gear Pumps cataloge 4.05 MB

Internal Gear
Download Internal Gear Pumps cataloge 3.80 MB
Download Viscosity and Power curves
Download Flow rate, Pressure and Power curves 151 kb

Lobe Pumps
Download Lobe Pumps Cataloge 1.21 MB
Download Lobe Pumps Performance curves 426 KB

Liquid Gas Pumps LPG
Download General LPG cataloge 2.47 MB
Download LPG cataloge 232 KB
Download Performance curves 1.16 MB

Special Products
Download Hemogen Special Product cataloge 165 KB

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