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Having advanced social communities and subsequently having more access to the aspects of modern technologies, necessitate industrialization, knowledge, select and apply modern new technologies in a scientific and proficiently manner in industries. It is known that the main problem and difficulty in developing countries is due to the lack of exploiting new technologies and inproperly selecting them.

Rashidi Pumpag Eng.Co by having more than 25 years of experience in producing and providing specialized pumps and possission of best active experts, technicians, university masters in the field of specialized pumps and liquid, having new and modern workshop facilities, aim to fill the gaps between Industry and academy in pumps and liquid technology.

Rashidi Pumpag Eng.Co is aptly able to serve, and support as a consultant companion partner for producing and providing specialized pumps for Oil and Gas Industry, Chemy and Petrochemical Industry, Power plants, Nuclear Indystry, water and waste water, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food, Health, Mill and Paper Industry. We gladly accept all the cooperation offers from all organizations all over the worlds.

Our main activity categorized into two main sections:
       A: Inport and Export
       B: Design and Manufacturing and Engineering Consultation and solutions

and providing special pumps which are used in aforementioned industries manufactured by the remarkable and shining brands from european countries. To see some of our finished projects, please refer to our finished projects page.

The first company's project was done in 1992. The subject was to design and manufacturing 5-inches centrifugal pump for diesel motors TA2. The project was signed between Rashidi Pumpag Eng.Co and Bonyad Motor Iran. To see more details and what was done in that project, please click the link below.

Mechanical and dynamical design of 5-inches centrifugal pump

Download in PDF format (25MB)

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